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The size of pumping station you require will be determined by several factors including the number occupants, invert level (determined by discharge pipework fall) and distance and height to outfall chamber.

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Calculating Pipework Falls

Gradients of between 1 in 40 and 1 in 110 will normally give adequate flow depending on the distance being pumped.

Gradient can be calculated by dividing the height of the fall by the distance being pumped.

For example a 20 metre section of drainage pipe has a fall of 0.50 metres, to calculate the gradient divide the fall by the distance, 0.50 / 20, the gradient = 0.025.

This can be converted into a ratio by calculating 1 / 0.025 = 40, therefore the gradient is 1 in 40.

Similarly the distance and gradient can be used to calculate the height of the fall required.

For example a gradient of 1 in 60 is required on a 50m run of foul pipework, to calculate the fall height first convert the gradient ration back to a number, 1 / 60 = 0.016.

Then multiply the distance by the gradient as a number, 50 x 0.016 = 0.8m or 800mm.

Please note that when calculating fall you will need to take into account any required storage in a pumping station (as a general guide you should allow 150 litres per person per day), the invert level of the discharge pipe must enter the chamber above the level of the pump and any storage required.