Heat Pumps with Wi-Fi

Control your pool heat pump from your smartphone

Hydro-Pro pool heat pumps can now be controlled directly from your smartphone with the addition of a new Wi-Fi controller.

Installation can be done without the need of specialist tools or knowledge, simply remove the existing LCD controls and reconnect the new Wi-Fi enabled controller. Setup is done via an app on your smartphone and takes just a couple of minutes to connect the app and heat pump to your home network.

Once connected the app allows the user to set the desired water temperature, monitor the incoming water temperature and other heat pump parameters. You can set the timer function on the heat pump, adjust the mode (dependent on model) monitor and troubleshoot malfunctions and switch the unit on and off.

There are two Wi-Fi controllers available, one for fixed speed models and one for the 2018 range of inverter heat pumps (black ABS case).

£749.00 - £3,430.00 inc. VAT

£624.17 - £2,858.33 ex. VAT

Rated 5.00 out of 5
£1,269.00 - £4,389.00 inc. VAT

£1,057.50 - £3,657.50 ex. VAT

£186.00 - £198.00 inc. VAT

£155.00 - £165.00 ex. VAT

Benefits of Wi-Fi control

  • Remote operation of your pool heat pump
  • Heat pump on and off, timer operation
  • Set desired water temperature
  • Monitor water temperature and parameters
  • Malfunction monitoring and troubleshooting
  • Mode selection (Inverter models)