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Automated Environmental Systems Ltd is pleased to announce that it has recently acquired most of the stock from Sigma Pipeline Solutions, one of the UK’s largest stockholders of ductile iron pipe and fittings.

Sigma Pipeline Solutions was a manufacturer and full service supplier of a comprehensive range of ductile iron pipe fittings and related products required by the ISO water and sewage ductile iron pipeline industry.

Automated Environmental Systems is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of pumps and pumping stations, with clients including some of the UK’s largest municipal companies, civil engineers, builders and drainage contractors.

AES are able to supply ductile iron pipe and fittings including bends, tees, tapers and bellmouths, push fit and fabricated pipe, gate valves, flange adaptors and couplers for both potable and sewerage applications.

To view our range of ductile iron pipe and fittings you can click the ductile link on the menu above or you can view our ductile iron range by clicking the products above.

If you would like a quotation for your project please email or call our sales team on 01842 819130

Our ductile iron pipe and fittings are manufactured in accordance with the British, European and International standards BS EN545 and BS EN598.

BS EN545

  • To convey water (e.g. potable water)
  • With or without pressure
  • To be installed below or above ground

BS EN598

  • To convey surface water, domestic waste water and certain types of industrial effluents, either in separate systems or in combined systems
  • Operating without pressure (gravity sewerage), or with positive or negative pressure
  • To be installed below or above ground