Petrol and Diesel Water Pumps from Hyundai and Honda

Hyundai and Honda Petrol and Diesel Water Pumps

Strengthening our existing range of petrol and diesel water pumps are models from Hyundai and Honda. Both manufacturers are well known and respected across the industry for the build quality and performance of their engines.

Hyundai offer a range of petrol and diesel engine powered water pumps for domestic, commercial and professional applications. Starting at a very competitive price point of £113 +VAT, all the models offer a mix of performance, longevity and reliability, there are models for pumping clean water, chemicals and sea water and dirty and unrefined water.

The Hyundai engines range is size from 50.8cc to 296cc, with flow rates from 133 litres per minute to 880 litres a minute. The pumps feature sturdy frames which protect the machinery from knocks and bumps and double as carry handles. All models are portable and can be easily stored or moved according to the application.

You can view our Hyundai petrol and diesel water pump range here.

Our Honda petrol water pumps feature either a Honda GP or GX engine. The GX engine in particular is renowned for its longevity and easy starting. These professional grade engine pumps start at £276 +VAT and offer a 600 litres per minute flow rate to rapidly transfer large bodies of water.

Other models in the Honda range are suitable for chemical transfer and trash water pumping. The largest model in the range comes with a Honda GX390 petrol engine and can pump 1600 litres of water per minute through its 4″ suction and discharge.

You can view our Honda petrol water pump range here.