Is the high water table creating havoc in your cellar or basement?

We get phone calls every day from people suffering with flooding in their cellars and basements caused by the high water table.

This particular problem is made more difficult because the water is only usually a couple of inches deep, enough to cause a problem for the property owner but not deep enough that a traditional pump float switch will activate.

Solutions may include manually activating a pump to remove the water or digging a pit in the floor, which very often is a concrete slab, and placing a submersible pump in the pit so the water is deep enough to activate a float switch.

In most cases the property owner just wants to install a pump with the minimum of fuss and cost and be able to leave the pump to work automatically as needed.

We now have the solution, our new EGO SE pump with adjustable start and stop levels has a minimum starting level of 15mm and will drain down to 1mm, meaning that you can leave the pump in automatic operation, safe in the knowledge that the water level need not get above a couple of centimetres before the pump activates and pumps the water away.

Setting the start and stop levels is achieved by simply removing the back cover and adjusting the levels of the start and stop probes, meaning the levels can be altered to suit any future application without changing the pump.

Another common problem is water in the bottom of lift shafts, again it is imperative that the water level is kept to a minimum before it is pumped away.

Made in Italy the EGO has been designed and constructed to provide performance and longevity of operation. These versatile pumps can be used for a multitude of drainage and pumping applications, but their special ability to start pumping at such a low level sets them apart from the crowd.

In stock now for £258 including FREE UK mainland delivery, the EGO 500 SE can be ordered here.