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10 Reasons to Buy a Robot Pool Cleaner

10 Reasons to Buy a Robot Pool Cleaner

One of the surprise best sellers this year has been our range of robot pool cleaners.

Offering fully automated cleaning of your pool, a robot cleaner will scan your pool, before scrubbing every surface including the floor, walls and waterline, while at the same time filtering the water to remove fine particles and larger debris leaving your pool and water sparkling clean.

Here are our top ten reasons to buy a robot pool cleaner:

1) A robot pool cleaner scrubs away dirt and algae that you may not even be able to see and regular use of the cleaner can prevent the growth of algae.

2) A robot pool cleaner ‘mixes’ the water in your pool as it passes through the cleaner, this mixing of the water dramatically reduces the amount of chemicals needed as absorption of the chemicals into your pool water is greatly improved.

3) Finer water filtration than that offered by suction-side or pressure cleaners, again helping to reduce the chemicals needed in your pool.

4) Robot cleaners are very energy efficient thanks to their low voltage motors.

5) Suction cleaners may require the installation of a more powerful pump – costing you more money to run even when the suction cleaner is not in use.

6) Robot cleaners cover the floor, walls and waterline, automatically, meaning that no manual scrubbing is required leaving you free to enjoy your pool.

7) Reduces the frequency that your pool filtration media needs to be changed, all dirt and debris collected by the robot pool cleaner is contained within the unit, after cleaning simply remove the filter basket and rinse

8) Pool cleaners are more affordable than ever, our range offers models to suit nearly all pool types and sizes at great price points.

9) No unsightly pool hoses, just a single cable that connects the cleaner and the mains transformer. When the cleaner has finished its cycle, simple remove from the pool and store until next needed (cleaners come with optional or included caddy for storage and transport depending on the model).

10) New features include Bluetooth control via your smartphone or tablet, a robot pool cleaner is the ultimate pool gadget, whether you want to plug and play or take full control there is a robot pool cleaner to suit you and your pool.

View our range of robot pool cleaners

Hydro-Pro Swimming Pool Heat Pumps – 2017 Models Now in Stock

Hydro-Pro Swimming Pool Heat Pumps - 2017 Models Now in Stock

Our best selling range of swimming pool heat pumps from Hydro-Pro has had a makeover for 2017, a corrosion-resistant black ABS case has replaced last year’s steel cabinet.

The Hydro-Pro range offers models suitable for all pool types and sizes, the Hydro-S is a Summer season model (May to August) which is suitable for use with low flow pumps, making it ideal for heating above-ground pools. The Hydro-S range offers heating capacity from 3kW to 12kW with prices starting at £499 including free delivery to UK mainland addresses.

The Hydro-Pro pool heat pump with black ABS case can be used on above-ground and in-ground pools and offers an extended swimming season (April to September), horizontal models offer heating capacity from 5kW to 13kW and vertical models offer heating capacity from 18kW to 26kW. The Hydro-Pro heat pump will also be available with a black enamelled steel case, although stock will be extremely limited.

Air source heat pumps are the most economical way to heat a swimming pool, for every 1kW of power consumed up to 6kW of heat could be returned to your pool (dependent on air and water temperature). Many of our customers choose to oversize their heat pumps, a larger heat pump does not cost any more to run but the additional heating capacity can provide an extended swimming season or increase the temperature achievable.

Increasing in popularity are inverter heat pumps, a variable speed motor can reduce energy consumption and noise output by 30% when compared with standard heat pump models. The Hydro-Pro inverter pool heat pump features a corrosion-resistant black ABS case and can provide up to 7.6kW of heat for every 1kW of energy consumed.

The Hydro-Pro inverter is an all season pool heat pump that will operate in temperatures down to -5°C, reduced heating efficiency and increased heat loss at lower temperatures may mean it is not possible to achieve the same heating as you would during warmer months. The inverter range offers heating capacities from 7kW to 35kW, all models feature horizontal fans.

We deliver free to all UK mainland addresses, deliveries to the Scottish Highlands, Northern Ireland and offshore as well as all destinations in Europe are available at very competitive rates, please call us on 01842 819130 for details.

If you would like advice on heating your pool or would like to discuss which heat pump is right for your pool, you can call us Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm on 01842 819130 or you can email us, the link is at the top of every page, and we will get back to you.

Hydro-Pro Swimming Pool Heat Pump with ABS Cabinet

Hydro-Pro Swimming Pool Heat Pump – ABS Cabinet

Our best selling range of Hydro-Pro swimming pool heat pumps is now available with a stylish new ABS cabinet, offering the same performance as the steel models, the ABS cabinets are corrosion resistant making them ideal for use near the coast where salt can damage traditional steel cases.

The Hydro-Pro swimming pool heat pump absorbs heat from the surrounding air which is then transferred to your pool. For each kW of energy consumed by the Hydro-Pro heat pump up to 6kW of heat is transferred to your pool (when ambient air temperature is +27°C, up to 4kW at +15°C).

Hydro-Pro heat pumps are extended season models that can operate in ambient air temperatures below +8°C, as with all heat pumps they should be installed outside to achieve the maximum air flow through the unit.

As 80% of the energy produced by heat pumps is obtained from the ambient air you are saving money on running costs while still heating your pool.

For more information please visit our Hydro-Pro heat pump product page.

Floating LED lights from Automated Environmental Systems

Floating LED Pool Light

New in stock are our waterproof floating LED lights featuring wireless charging and 16 colour selections.

Available in four styles, pebble, ball, peach and sailing boat, these lights are completely waterproof and can be used in the garden, swimming pool, spa or hot tub.

The lights have high brightness LEDs with 16 colour choices and four flashing modes (flash, strobe, fade and smooth), a six hour charge will provide up to 15 hours of lighting.

The outer casing is manufactured from strong plastic and waterproofed to IP 65, accessories include a charging base, mains adaptor and remote control (please note these items are not waterproof and should be kept away from water).

You can order online by visiting our floating LED light product page.

Premium Swimming Pool Heat Pumps Now in Stock at AES

The Hydro-Pro Plus Premium range of swimming pool heat pumps are now in stock. These premium pool heat pumps are not available to buy online, so if you are interested or would like to chat to one of our friendly and knowledgeable sales team about a heat pump for your pool, call us today on 01842 819130.


Efficient and Economic

For each kW of energy consumed up to 6kW of heat will be transferred to your pool


  • All season model for installation outdoors
  • Operates in ambient air temperatures down to -10°C
  • Ability to cool pool water in high temperatures
  • Digital display with touch screen operation

Environmentally Friendly

  • 80% of the energy produced is obtained from the ambient air
  • Efficient R410a refrigerant gas is not harmful to the ozone layer
  • A COP of up to 6 provides excellent cost savings
  • Quiet running with a maximum 58 dB(A) noise level

New Look

Black corrosion proof cabinet provides a stylish alternative to traditional heat pumps


  • High quality materials provide resistance to damage from chlorine or salt
  • Designed for excellent performance at very low temperatures

Easy Installation

  • Compact and easy to install (bypass kit for the filter system is recommended)
  • Rubber feet to help reduce noise and wear & tear from vibrations
  • Drain plugs and covers supplied for winterising the unit

Preparing your swimming pool for Summer

After a series of false starts with the weather, a decent spell of sunshine looks to be just around the corner and perhaps those of you lucky enough to have an outdoor pool, whether it is in the ground, above the ground or freestanding, might finally be able to take the plunge.

Whether you are a seasoned pool owner, or whether this is your first time preparing an outdoor pool for use, the following points will provide a guideline of the steps you should take. Please note you should always refer to the manufacturer or installation instructions that came with your pool in the first instance.

  • Remove your pool cover – depending on the size of your pool you may need someone to help you remove the cover – remember to first clean off any leaves and debris from the top of the cover, you do not want these ending up in your pool water.
  • Once the pool cover is removed, lay the cover out flat away from the pool and give it a good clean, only use cleaning products that are recommended by the cover manufacturer. Now is also a good time to check for any tears or rips in the cover. Let the cover dry completely and then fold it neatly for storage over the Summer.
  • Walk round your pool and do a visual check – does the liner or tiling look ok? Has the water level dropped lower than usual? Is there any cracked, broken or loose paving around the pool? Are there any overhanging branches that may drop leaves in the pool or pose a safety issue?
  • Once you are happy that the pool and the surround is in good condition, the next step is to put any steps or hand rails back in place. Your pool should then be topped up as necessary using your normal domestic water supply, and any floating debris should be removed before starting and checking your pump and filtration equipment.
  • You should check your pool pump, filtration and heating system to make sure everything is clean, undamaged and in full electrical and mechanical working order. Filtration baskets should be emptied and cleaned, all pipe connections and seals (rubber and mechanical) should be checked for leaks and you should think about replacing the sand in a sand filtration unit at least yearly depending on the usage of your pool.
  • Adding water to a pool changes the chemical balance. You should always fill your pool to the required level before taking a water sample and embarking on the chemical treatment of your pool. For details on how to treat your pool water, either refer to your manufacturer or installation instructions or speak to a specialist retailer of pool chemicals. Algae can be one of the main problems that affects outdoor pools during the summer months, especially if your pool has no pump or filtration system to circulate the water, again speak to a specialist pool chemical retailer for advice on how to safely and effectively treat your pool water.
  • Finally you need to clean the sides and bottom of the pool to remove any remaining dirt and debris, you can use a manual or automatic pool cleaner to do this.

Your pool is now ready to use, please remember that children should never be allowed to use an outdoor pool unless supervised by an adult at all times.

If your pool water is still on the cool side, there are a variety of heaters that can be added into your existing pump and filtration system, modern heat pumps use a heat exchanger to take heat out of the surrounding air and can be much more economical to run than a traditional heater.

Automated Environmental Systems Mega FSF Series Filter and Pump Sets

These swimming pool or pond filter skid units are constructed using the latest engineering technology, featuring a bobbin wound fiberglass reinforced tank with unequaled strength and durability. Each system is equipped with a top-mount filter, multi-port valve and centrifugal pump, and are suitable for a small to medium sized swimming pools or ponds.

– Six position, top mounted multi-port valve clamp style
– Extremely quiet operation
– Easy installation
– Union Quick disconnect (1 1/2″ / 50mm Stepped Glue Connections)
– Combination water and sand drain makes servicing and winterizing fast and easy
– Filtration systems are equipped with dependable dynamo pumps
– Note: fitted with three-pin plug

Filter sand not included.

Order online at:

Automated Environmental Systems Mega FSP Series Filter and Pump Sets

These sand filter packages come with a blow molded polyethylene sand filter skid unit, a 4-way valve with 1 1/2inch / 50mm stepped glue connections, super flexible hose and include a pool pump – ranging from 0.3 to 1.5 HP. These filter sets are suitable for small swimming pools and ponds – ideal for Intex type pools.

Order online at

Automated Environmental Systems HydroPro FCP1100 Swimming Pool Pump

The HydroPro FCP series pumps are quiet running single-stage centrifugal pumps complete with a prefilter basket, for recycling and filtering of water, with models for small to commercial sized swimming pools. Order online at

-Pump body, pump foot and diffuser in glass loaded polypropylene.
-Impeller and seal mounting in PPO.
-Motor shaft in stainless steel AISI 420.
-Mechanical seal in graphite and steatite.
-Motor housing in aluminum L-2521.

-Asynchronous, two poles.
-IP 55 protection.
-Class F insulation.
-Continuous operation.
-Single phase version built-in thermal protection.

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Automated Environmental Systems Mega SC Series Swimming Pool Pump

The SC series pumps are designed for maximum performance and economy in a swimming filtration system. They are easy to install and maintain and deliver a dependable medium head performance. Order online at

– Corrosion protected shell to prevent water directly contacting the motor
– Extremely quiet operation
– Low energy consumption
– Easily assembled pump basket
– IP55 waterproof standard
– Designed for easy maintenance
– 1 1/2″ / 50mm stepped solvent connections (Note: Imperial = Internal Bore / Metric = Outside Diameter Pipework)
– Supplied with cable and ready for installation by a qualified electrician (Note: fitted with three-pin plug)

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