Our best selling range of swimming pool heat pumps from Hydro-Pro has had a makeover for 2017, a corrosion-resistant black ABS case has replaced last year’s steel cabinet. The Hydro-Pro range offers models suitable for all pool types and sizes, the Hydro-S is a Summer season model (May to August) which is suitable for use […]

Maximum energy gain at lower temperatures PROTEAM swimming pool heat pumps are especially suited to the British climate, Norwegian know how allows the PROTEAM range of swimming pool pumps to provide maximum energy gain at lower temperatures. PROTEAM pool heat pumps are all season models and can provide up to 5.5kW of heat for every […]

Low water pressure problems in your home? Low water pressure in the home is an increasing problem for many people. The DAB e.sybox offers a complete solution that can adapt to the changing demands of households. The DAB e.sybox can increase water pressure to taps and showers, appliances, unvented heating systems and for all outdoor […]

The brief – to heat a large outdoor pool We were asked to provide a solution for heating an extremely large 190,000L swimming pool with air source heat pump technology. The pool itself is located in Suffolk not far from our Brandon office so we were able to make site visits before, during and after […]

We get phone calls every day from people suffering with flooding in their cellars and basements caused by the high water table. This particular problem is made more difficult because the water is only usually a couple of inches deep, enough to cause a problem for the property owner but not deep enough that a […]

Strengthening our existing range of petrol and diesel water pumps are models from Hyundai and Honda. Both manufacturers are well known and respected across the industry for the build quality and performance of their engines. Hyundai offer a range of petrol and diesel engine powered water pumps for domestic, commercial and professional applications. Starting at […]

New in stock at Automated Environmental Systems is our new range of Conforto pumps. Conforto was established in the 1980’s and is now one of Italy’s leading manufacturers of centrifugal and submersible pumps. Careful design and construction coupled with advances in technology have led to a range of high quality pumps covering a wide range […]

The E.SYBOX MINI from DAB is the ideal solution for solving water pressure issues in domestic environments. The E.SYBOX MINI can save you 50% on running costs compared with traditional solutions. The E.SYBOX MINI consists of a self-priming double impeller pump, inverter electronics, pressure and flow sensors, adjustable LCD display and built-in 1 litre expansion […]

The ECO Plus swimming pool heat pump is the perfect partner for outdoor above ground pools, including thin wall, polyester, metal and wooden walled pools <30m³, it is the world’s first heat pump that can be safely installed by the end-user and can be up and running in under 15 minutes. The ECO Plus has […]