A Clean Heat Pump is an Efficient Heat Pump

A Clean Heat Pump is an Efficient Heat Pump

Swimming pool heat pumps are located outside in all seasons and this means that the units get dirty, one of the least considered aspects is the effect of dirt build-up on the heat evaporator.

Reduced air flow through the evaporator directly affects the heat pump’s ability to heat, reduced airflow means that less heat can be extracted from the ambient air, reducing the COP, this means the heat pump will take longer to heat your pool water and this in turn increases your running costs.

A dirty evaporator can reduce the efficiency of a heat pump by 10-15% per year

The evaporator fins are difficult to clean without damaging them and also the grid or mesh that covers them makes access difficult. A vacuum cleaner or air compressor cannot remove all the dirt between the lamellas (fins) and a pressure washer can deform the fins.

Gridsoap is a biodegradable spray that quickly, easily and effectively cleans and protects your heat pump evaporator. Simply spray on, leave for 10 mins and rinse off with your garden hose. No need for tools that could damage the fins and because Gridsoap is biodegradable it is not harmful to surrounding plants or wildlife.

Gridsoap will clean and protect your heat pump evaporator, maximising performance and efficiency and reducing the future build up of dirt. Gridsoap also helps to reduce the evaporator icing up as airflow is maintained.

Gridsoap is available now in 1 litre bottles with sprayer priced at £36.00 per bottle