10 Reasons to Buy a Robot Pool Cleaner

10 Reasons to Buy a Robot Pool Cleaner

One of the surprise best sellers this year has been our range of robot pool cleaners.

Offering fully automated cleaning of your pool, a robot cleaner will scan your pool, before scrubbing every surface including the floor, walls and waterline, while at the same time filtering the water to remove fine particles and larger debris leaving your pool and water sparkling clean.

Here are our top ten reasons to buy a robot pool cleaner:

1) A robot pool cleaner scrubs away dirt and algae that you may not even be able to see and regular use of the cleaner can prevent the growth of algae.

2) A robot pool cleaner ‘mixes’ the water in your pool as it passes through the cleaner, this mixing of the water dramatically reduces the amount of chemicals needed as absorption of the chemicals into your pool water is greatly improved.

3) Finer water filtration than that offered by suction-side or pressure cleaners, again helping to reduce the chemicals needed in your pool.

4) Robot cleaners are very energy efficient thanks to their low voltage motors.

5) Suction cleaners may require the installation of a more powerful pump – costing you more money to run even when the suction cleaner is not in use.

6) Robot cleaners cover the floor, walls and waterline, automatically, meaning that no manual scrubbing is required leaving you free to enjoy your pool.

7) Reduces the frequency that your pool filtration media needs to be changed, all dirt and debris collected by the robot pool cleaner is contained within the unit, after cleaning simply remove the filter basket and rinse

8) Pool cleaners are more affordable than ever, our range offers models to suit nearly all pool types and sizes at great price points.

9) No unsightly pool hoses, just a single cable that connects the cleaner and the mains transformer. When the cleaner has finished its cycle, simple remove from the pool and store until next needed (cleaners come with optional or included caddy for storage and transport depending on the model).

10) New features include Bluetooth control via your smartphone or tablet, a robot pool cleaner is the ultimate pool gadget, whether you want to plug and play or take full control there is a robot pool cleaner to suit you and your pool.

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